“First educate the child” – Joseph Pilates


Pilates believed there was a role in educating children about Pilates, which makes complete sense. If children learn about controlled movement and exercises plus good posture. It can only benefit them as their bodies grow, develop and change. We also teach children to relax using Pilates breathing. We encourage them to practise this at home at the end of a busy day.

We currently teach Pilates to a group of local Infant School children and we are excited to be starting at a local Junior school very soon. I teach alongside a great Pilates and Sports Education teacher – Jodie Gibbs-Farrow.

Controlled movement




Relaxation and Breathing


Pilates classes for kids in Godalming & Farncombe

Infants School age - 30 minute lesson

For Infants School age we keep the lessons imaginative and fun. We have themed lessons e.g ‘Going to the Zoo’. Each week we go on a journey in our lessons and follow movements to tie into the theme. We incorporate traditional Pilates moves e.g The Roll Downs as ‘Seals diving into the water’. We do lots of crawling movements for co-ordination and also lots of balance (e.g standing like Flamingoes!).

Junior School age - 30 / 45 minute lesson

For Junior School age we do lots of individual, team and pair work. We work on focusing and building up core strength and overall strength in particular. We also educate about good posture to help in the classrooms and at home. This age group enjoy working with the small equipment and like to get really stuck in with the exercises. Sometimes we are spies on secrets missions!

Secondary School age - 45 mins / 1 hour lesson

I allow Secondary school children into my adult group classes. This is a positive way for children to interact and enjoy a class with their parent or family member. It gives them a nice introduction into Pilates, in particular learning how to use their bodies in a slower and more controlled way. In addition to learning the exercises, we focus on being mindful of our posture when holding mobile phones and tablets. There is a big increase in the amount of teenagers with neck problems and so teaching this age group about posture is hugely beneficial. We work on overall strength and flexibility and teach the standard Pilates moves. We also vary the equipment and exercises each lesson. We like to incorporate the music that teenagers enjoy as well!

Pilates for Kids Teachers

Jodie Gibbs-Farrow

I have been practicing Pilates for over 12 years, after having my daughter by C section I wanted to get back to being fit and healthy again and this amazing exercise allowed me to do this. 


I retrained and have a Level 3 Diploma, Mat based Pilates, Pilates with small equipment and Pilates for Common Orthopaedic Conditions. I teach across Hampshire, Surrey and Slough to both adults and children.  


I not only love working with clients that are just starting out and want to become stronger, leaner and fitter with the aid of Pilates but also with those that want to push and challenge themselves further.


It might be getting off the couch and starting your journey one step at a time or a Power Pilates class that leaves you feeling truly fabulous. 

“Step off the day to day grind and enjoy time just for you”


In addition to this, Jodie runs a Sports4kids business with her husband Paul. They facilitate sports classes for children in nurseries and schools across 3 counties. Teaching a range of sports such as Football, Golf, Dance, Rugby, Tennis and Quidditch, she finds working with children rewarding and beneficial.

Jodie and I met in 2017 through our mutual Pilates training company. When I suggested setting up Pilates for children’s classes, Jodie was keen to come on board and together we make a great team! 

Tamsin Burgess

Prior to teaching Pilates I worked in media agencies and radio companies in London. This gave me a great background in business and customer service. Whilst it was an enjoyable time, I then had a young family and wanted to stay local for them. Hence the career change into teaching Pilates – I haven’t looked back!


Having practised Pilates for over 20 years I decided to take it up professionally. I trained with a company called Pilates Training Solutions in 2012, gaining my certificate to teach the new higher level qualification – Pilates Level 3 Matwork. Subsequently I’ve completed two more courses on the use of small equipment and Pilates and pregnancy.

“Jodie and I met in 2017 through our mutual Pilates training company. When I suggested setting up Pilates for children’s classes, Jodie was keen to come on board and together we make a great team!”


I fundamentally believe in and have seen the benefits of what regular Pilates practise can do for people. I myself have suffered from back problems and couldn’t be without regular Pilates practise now. I feel passionate about Pilates and teaching as I love working with people from all walks of life.

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