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Regular Pilates practice will improve your health and happiness!

I first tried Pilates around 15 years ago as I wanted to improve core strength and posture plus reduce lower back pain. I was amazed at the positive difference Pilates made physically and mentally and so took it up professionally.

I love teaching and watching people develop their confidence, technique and fitness through Pilates. We work hard but have lots of fun too!

Group Pilates classes

Private Pilates classes

The Benefits of Pilates

Most people have heard of Pilates. It’s massively increased in popularity over the years, but why? Pilates is now a part of mainstream fitness in health clubs and studios across the globe. Many people use the exercises to achieve their fitness goals and to enhance their exercise regime. Since the 1990‘s the scientific community (Osteopaths, Physiotherapists etc) have recognised the contributions that Pilates exercises make to injury rehabilitation, giving this form of exercise huge awareness and credibility. The original exercises have been modified so they are suitable for all fitness levels and abilities.

Strengthen deep core and back muscles

Pilates helps retrain the mind/muscle connection, whilst building up the strength and endurance of our deep core stabilising muscles.

Mobility and flexibility

The sequence of exercises help mobilise the spine and body, whilst increasing our range of movement and reducing stiffness. The Pilates moves and stretches improve overall flexibility.

Strength and tone

A big part of Pilates is strengthening the core muscles. However we also work on building strength and tone across the whole body.

Pregnancy pilates

Pilates in pregnancy helps to support and strengthen the muscles and joints affected by pregnancy and birth – more info


Pilates uses sequences of moves to address the muscle imbalances affecting poor posture. Being bodily aware helps improve posture in everyday life.

Calming and relaxing

Pilates increases blood flow, reduces blood pressure/ stress levels and enables elevated mood and better sleep!

Fun too

Pilates doesn’t just have to be about back and postural problems – some people just love the varied routines and social aspect to classes.

Pilates classes in Godalming for all ages, levels and abilites

Private pilates lessons

I offer private lessons in my studio or at your home. You may be a complete beginner, recovering from injury or have a fitness goal to work on. If so a private lesson would benefit you.

Group pilates lessons in Godalming

I aim to provide a friendly, knowledgable, positive, open and personal environment for each of my clients. I work on students technique first and then build up levels to keep everyone progressing. I enjoy teaching using small equipment such as chi balls, dynabands and pilates loops and include these in my routines to add variety, assistance and resistance.

Client testimonials

I have been attending weekly classes with Essence Pilates for more than 4 years. As a result, I’m fitter, stronger and more flexible. All good news when you’ve a young family and a golf problem! I’ve no doubt that there are wellbeing benefits as well. Tamsin is a brilliant instructor who immediately puts you at ease. She really knows her stuff and her classes are great fun.

– Jack

Essence Pilates classes have helped me to strengthen my core and tone up after having two babies. It’s been good for my stiff back and shoulders – and I always sleep deeply after a class

– Susanna

As one of Tamsin’s older ladies (67) I have found her class to be most beneficial. Although I find the classes challenging, she never pushes me beyond my limitations. We work hard but Tamsin manages to maintain a friendly and fun atmosphere. She is a lovely person and I would recommend her to any age group

– Marie

After having my daughters’ I lost a great deal of my core strength and was suffering with a bad back. Both my physio and my GP recommended Pilates to get my core back in shape and once I tried it I was hooked

– Francis

Tamsin’s teaching make her classes accessible for a complete beginner and even within the class she helped me adjust positions individually to best suit my needs. I saw and felt an improvement after only a few weeks. I would highly recommend her classes!

– Francis

I have been attending Essence Pilates for nearly a year now and have found it to be excellent at increasing strength and flexibility whilst at the same time a great stress reliever!! Tamsin is incredibly knowledgeable and will offer different levels of difficulty to suit individual needs and is always very approachable and friendly. I would highly recommend Essence Pilates!!

– Georgi

Tamsin’s Pilates class has been instrumental in improving my back and neck pain, strengthening my core and overall elasticity and flexibility. Developing this technique has allowed for safer movement in other sports, reducing injuries and improving my posture. Furthermore, being taught to breathe properly has reduced stress levels immensely

– Hannah

Having done Pilates for 8 months in 2013 (once per week), I wanted to find a Pilates class in Godalming as we have just moved to the area. I had my first class with Tamsin last Friday, and can highly recommend her as a teacher. Warm, personable and encouraging, Tamsin is able to effectively teach Pilates to a class of all shapes and sizes; she enables everyone to work at their own rate, often setting 2-3 levels within an exercise to make it accessible for everyone in the group.

– Fiona

I started going to Tamsin’s Pilates class in September 2013 and I love it. Her style is relaxed, friendly and very warm. What makes her classes so popular, other than the fact that they are fun and she is so lovely, is that she always gives us different levels to work on, so we always have the option of challenging ourselves whilst being able to choose what level we’re comfortable with.

– Lauren

Tamsin therefore makes everyone feel like they’re progressing, no matter their level. I especially like her use of apparatus like rollers, balls and therabands so that I have the option to work on strength and balance. She also regularly introduces new moves so that classes never feel tired. We all have a laugh too, which means new-comers feel welcomed and don’t feel intimidated. My core strength has improved immensely and I wouldn’t be without Pilates now.

– Lauren

I am a year in to weekly sessions with Tamsin. I started them because I wanted to improve my core strength. I have achieved that, and more. I have noticed that I’ve toned up and become generally a bit leaner. I can’t recommend Tamsin enough: she targets exercises to each individual in the class, has a load of brilliant professional equipment, and runs the sessions with great energy and enthusiasm such that the time just flies. No two weeks are the same so never boring. Best thing I did in 2019!

– Caroline, 42

I would not hesitate to recommend Essence Pilates with Tam. Do it! Enjoyable group classes with flexibility to learn at your own pace. I immediately noticed a difference in my posture and breathing and am steadily building up core strength. Her encouraging and flexible approach suits beginners as much as those with experience.

– Sally, 63

I have been attending weekly classes with Essence Pilates for more than 4 years. As a result, I’m fitter, stronger and more flexible. All good news when you’ve a young family and a golf problem! I’ve no doubt that there are wellbeing benefits as well. Tamsin is a brilliant instructor who immediately puts you at ease. She really knows her stuff and her classes are great fun.

– Jack, 42

I really enjoy Tamsin’s classes. It works well to have different options for each exercise so each part of class feels manageable for your own ability, and you can also see a tangible improvement as you progress. Everyone is really friendly and I always come away feeling calm and relaxed.

– Hattie, 34

I have constituently been impressed by Tam’s knowledge and her eagerness to encourage her clients to improve themselves at the pace they feel most comfortable. Although she will push harder when she knows we are getting complaisant. I have really benefited so much from my time with Tam and am so very grateful for her dedication and beautiful spirit.

– Booney, 62

I was wary of attending a group Pilates class as a total beginner but Tamsin’s friendly and welcoming approach put me at ease straight away and encouraged me to give some of the more challenging exercises a try. Her classes are designed for a range of abilities and several levels are given for each exercise allowing you to choose which you feel comfortable with and to progress at your own pace. Tamsin creates a relaxed atmosphere and varies the classes each time with a mixture of core work, stretching and strength training, so the sessions fly by and you can definitely feel the benefit afterwards.

– Kay, 43

I have been coming to Essence Pilates for for 6yrs. I am 72yrs old with some back and neck issues and since starting Pilates have found my core strength and flexibility has improved. Tamsin’s classes have a great atmosphere and
she never makes you feel under pressure or inadequate, she is a lovely person and I thoroughly recommend her.

– Marie, 72

I love Tam’s classes, she explains the exercises beautifully and offers different levels so you can choose what’s best for you. There’s a lovely friendly atmosphere, I always come away feeling much calmer”

– Jo, 48

I have been attending Tamsin’s Pilates classes for nearly three years and I love every minute. Although I hate to admit it I am 76 and I find Tams classes brilliant for me! Tam gears her exercises and movements to our strengths, so we can choose which level we feel happy with. The classes are fun and very friendly which make the workouts even more worthwhile. I feel so much more flexible and so relaxed after my hour it is incredible. Thank you Tam for showing me the way to keep my body and bones in motion!

– Pam, 76