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Regular Pilates practice will improve your health and happiness!

I first tried Pilates around 15 years ago as I wanted to improve core strength and posture plus reduce lower back pain. I was amazed at the positive difference Pilates made physically and mentally and so took it up professionally.

I love teaching and watching people develop their confidence, technique and fitness through Pilates. We work hard but have lots of fun too!

Group Pilates classes

Private Pilates classes

The Benefits of Pilates

Most people have heard of Pilates. It’s massively increased in popularity over the years, but why? Pilates is now a part of mainstream fitness in health clubs and studios across the globe. Many people use the exercises to achieve their fitness goals and to enhance their exercise regime. Since the 1990‘s the scientific community (Osteopaths, Physiotherapists etc) have recognised the contributions that Pilates exercises make to injury rehabilitation, giving this form of exercise huge awareness and credibility. The original exercises have been modified so they are suitable for all fitness levels and abilities.

Strengthen deep core and back muscles

Pilates helps retrain the mind/muscle connection, whilst building up the strength and endurance of our deep core stabilising muscles.

Mobility and flexibility

The sequence of exercises help mobilise the spine and body, whilst increasing our range of movement and reducing stiffness. The Pilates moves and stretches improve overall flexibility.

Strength and tone

A big part of Pilates is strengthening the core muscles. However we also work on building strength and tone across the whole body.

Pregnancy pilates

Pilates in pregnancy helps to support and strengthen the muscles and joints affected by pregnancy and birth – more info


Pilates uses sequences of moves to address the muscle imbalances affecting poor posture. Being bodily aware helps improve posture in everyday life.

Calming and relaxing

Pilates increases blood flow, reduces blood pressure/ stress levels and enables elevated mood and better sleep!

Fun too

Pilates doesn’t just have to be about back and postural problems – some people just love the varied routines and social aspect to classes.

Pilates classes in Godalming for all ages, levels and abilites

Private pilates lessons

I offer private lessons in my studio or at your home. You may be a complete beginner, recovering from injury or have a fitness goal to work on. If so a private lesson would benefit you.

Group pilates lessons in Godalming

I aim to provide a friendly, knowledgable, positive, open and personal environment for each of my clients. I work on students technique first and then build up levels to keep everyone progressing. I enjoy teaching using small equipment such as chi balls, dynabands and pilates loops and include these in my routines to add variety, assistance and resistance.

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